Sui Witherell

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Brief Statement

Chaos Theory is the idea that order and chaos are not opposites but are linked by inner workings, the smallest differences making for a big effect—the butterfly in the atmosphere, so to speak. Wondering about the death of a beautiful creature became questions about the state of the wild world: the rivers and seas, the seen and unseen, the exotic and common. My art gives me the reason and an outlet to use color, shape, and once-live scraps from nature to express myself. It is my response to the mystery I sense in the world. My curiosity is the impetus to create.

Brief Bio

Sui Witherell grew up on a farm in New Hampshire riding and drawing horses. She studied humanities at Boston University and plant science at the University of New Hampshire. Sui took workshops in printing at Haystack, Montserrat College of Art, and Bennington College. One of the instructors was Catherine Kernan who encouraged Sui to go to Somerville, Massachusetts and rent time at the cooperative press Mixit. Sui printed there for ten years before moving to Maine in 2003.