Judith Schneider

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Artist Statement

I investigate place and memory through landscape. My work is an exploration of place-making: land plus history plus culture. I am interested in the physical properties of a site and how they interface with the memories and feelings I have when I am there. I experiment with scale, value and texture associated with place and how my feelings about a particular location affect my use of these visual components. I am in pursuit of what is physically present, woven with memory, dreams and how the energy of “place” is conveyed. Materials define space. Space combined with memory defines place.

Brief Bio

Judy Schneider is a designer, painter and printmaker, living in Norway, Maine. She received her BFA in Interior Design from The University of Massachusetts, Amherst and has had her own design firm, Interior Resources, since 1996. In 2012 she switched her focus and began to pursue her art practice in earnest, going back to school for painting. She received her Master’s degree in Studio Art in May, 2014 from Maine College of Art. In July 2014, she was awarded an artist residency at the Pace House in Stonington, Maine. This residency offered her the opportunity to continue pursuing a connection between the memory, history and physical experience of a place. In March 2015 she attended the Vermont Studio Center to continue this exploration.

The Maine landscape persists as a critical part of Judy’s art practice. Interested in abstracted landscape painting as a way of mapping time in a non-linear fashion and reconsidering conventional modes of representation she continues to reevaluate or abandon pictorial narrative and focus on the structure of time.

Most recently Judy has shown in CMCA’s online exhibit SHELTER (EARTH, HOUSE, BODY, SPIRIT), and ART2021 at the Harlow Gallery.