Debbie Schmitt

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Artist Statement

My work is derived from time on the ocean and in the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. These collagraphs are made from ocean sand. The plates are composed of sand sprinkled onto a cardboard surface, adhered with matte medium and then covered with tin foil. The plates are inked in an intaglio style. Multiple plates are printed layer over layer allowing color and values to unfold. With these prints I try to show the forces of water, glacial ice, molten lava, rock, weather and wind that have carved a landscape that took millions of years to create. What we see is evidence of vast transformations of the earth. These magnificent forms and marks upon the landscape are the remains of immense energy. The prints created from my experiences in these outdoor environments are intended to capture a sense of beauty, awe and the unfathomable power of nature.

My work is a series of thresholds that are mere sketches of places I’ve experienced or a notation of nature. The work is a visual dialogue prompting creative direction and exposing traces of the process. The practice over time, becomes a sequence of images that serve as a creative map.

Brief Bio

I joined Peregrine press as a scholarship recipient following my BFA in Printmaking, Maine College of Art in 2004. Peregrine Press continues to be an essential element of my creative process. I’ve been a graphic designer off and on during my career mostly working in publishing magazines and newspapers. I enjoy leading and participating in artist workshops and community art events. I am a member of the Monotype Guild of New England.

I graduated from University of New Hampshire with a BA in English and a BFA in printmaking from Maine College of Art & Design.