Sandra Quinn

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Artist Statement

The fascinating thing about printmaking is the variety of techniques – the possibilities and challenges are endless. I think of prints as the jumping-off place, the place from where I may begin a drawing, a painting, or reconfigure into collages. Using abstraction, I want to create a sense of space and movement. Throughout the process, I play with the notion of trying this and that, to ask “what if.” My inspiration comes from personal experiences, feelings, and my relationship with nature.

I used monotypes and polyester plate lithography to create the materials for the collages in Forever Hopeful. As the coronavirus pandemic was raging, this provided a perfect outlet for expression.

Brief Bio

Sandra Quinn studied printmaking at San Diego State University while earning her BA in painting. She is primarily a painter, but the freedom of printmaking provides an additional means of expression that informs her paintings and vice versa. Originally from the west, Sandra moved to Maine in 1980. She taught art and was head of the department at Fryeburg Academy and continued her education, earning a BFA with Honors from the Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art). Sandra has representation at Greenhut Galleries in Portland, where she has had five solo shows, and the Littlefield Gallery in Winter Harbor, Maine. Her work has been exhibited and collected throughout New England and beyond.