Jeanne O'Toole Hayman

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A painter and printmaker for more than twenty years, I began developing my printmaking skills at the Mason Gross School of Innovative Printmaking at Rutgers University and have been honing them ever since. More recently at a Fall ‘03 workshop, I learned the ancient techniques of encaustic and have begun to combine them with printmaking in my own studio on Peaks Island and at the Peregrine Press in Portland. Merging the discipline of printmaking with that of encaustic enables me to explore another layer of texture and surface.

The power of my work is ultimately kinetic. I seek to capture the intensity of the human form as it moves through time and space, to create snapshots of strength and movement, a body in motion caught in an instant, but still radiating energy. Whether working with the human form or the power of nature in landscape I try to capture the graceful physicality of the dance with the muscularity of urgent effort or the suspended energy of yogic tension.


Selected Exhibitions