John Costello

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Artist Statement

Drawing is an activity that encourages reflection on fleeting things. At least for me, It is a time for slowness. When I go out to draw, I am satisfying an urge to capture an awe-dread for the density of our world. It is a pleasure to drain time away making these things. Some of my favorite places for this are the Western Cemetery and Fore River Sanctuary.  When making prints, I am often posed with a world of material possibilities and distractions. The tricky part is not thinking too much. For that reason, intaglio etching is my antidote for indecisiveness. Every step in it’s process involves some odd finesse. It leads me to a more narrow desire for what I want in an image. 

Brief Bio

John Joseph Costello is a creative printmaker from Plymouth, MA who currently lives and works in Portland, Maine. He graduated from Maine College of Art and Design in 2018 with a BFA in printing, afterwards being granted a membership at Peregrine Press where he now makes work.