The big press

Peregrine's French Tool American Press
30" x 50"

The small press

Peregrine's American French Tool Intaglio Table Top Press

In January of 2006 Peregrine Press completed the purchase and acquisition of our 2nd American French Tool Press built by Conrad Press with a bed size of 36" X 18". This new press compliments our existing American French Tool Press with a bed size of 30" X 50".

The light unit

Polymer Plate/Photo-intaglio/Photo-litho Light Unit

In 2004 Peregrine Press, thanks to the efforts of Judy Allen and Bill Curtsinger, added a photo intaglio component to our studio with the renovation of a MECA donated enlarger that Bill spent countless hours and ingenuity re-configuring into a photo light source. Several other members, notably Anne Garland, joined in the efforts to do the necessary buildout for a new darkroom which we now use to expose and process photo plates for printing.

An industrial quality exposure unit — a Teaneck Desktop Exposure Unit with Olec Integrator — that can accomodate 22" x 28" plates was donated to the press by David A. MacElhiney of SPIRExpress in Portland. It uses an Olec 5k UV lamp with digital integrator. The whole unit, including vacuum-table, is a self-contained table-top box about 3' x 3' x 4' is perfect for polymer plates, photo-intaglio, and photo-litho and is now sitting outside our darkroom. With this acquisition, Peregrine Press now has one of, if not the best, polymer plate, photo-intaglio, and photo-litho capabilities in the entire state.

The workspace

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