Phil Stevens

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I seek the sublime through nature. I seek beauty. I seek the universal.
The images are slices of nature where color, form, and light combine to create a unique visual sensation. I seek to capture a sense of the time and place in the image.

I constantly search the countryside to find images. The effect I seek is fleeting. I am not interested in architecture or human activity so I look for abandoned fields and nature preserves. When I find a scene that I like, a small sketch is made with notes of the various colors. This becomes my reference when I apply the second layer of inks.

The monotypes are one of a kind prints created in a two layer process. Inks are mixed to obtain the desired colors. The first layer of ink is rolled on to an acrylic plate to create the background color. A sheet of paper is then placed on top of the plate and both are run through the press. This printmaking process transfers the ink from the plate to the paper. Inks are then brushed onto a second plate to create the image. Finally the paper is placed on top of this plate and printed again.


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