Debbie Schmitt

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Artist Statement

The root of my work comes from nature. Experiencing light, shadows, space, air, temperature, wind, stillness, speed, sounds and smell all feed into my drawings, watercolors and prints. My work is based upon observation. I try to include both the tension and beauty that come from being in and a part of the landscape. It’s my perception of a real or remembered place at a moment in time.

Printmaking is a vehicle into a deeper exploration of materials. It adds texture and pattern. Through repetition, prints develop a stock of personal symbols. Imagery builds and digresses, while also making “tracks” to follow and direct my process. Marks, images, impressions appear intermittently like characters on a stage. Over time, the practice of using these images in different contexts and relationships reveal additional layers of meaning. Imagery that stands the test of time floats to the surface of my consciousness becoming more authentic.

Printmaking is my navigational tool as well as an aid to my creative process. The prints are a visual dialogue that point in a direction to move next, while leaving a trace of where the process has been. The final prints are rendered observations stirring memories and provoking contemplation of home, family and our place in time and nature. Each print becomes a threshold I’ve crossed.

Brief Bio

Debbie enjoys traipsing around with watercolors and sketch pad gathering landscape imagery that get worked into prints. Graduating from MECA in 2004 with a degree in print making, she received the annual scholarship at Peregrine and been a member ever since. She shows regularly in all the Peregrine group shows, and last year was included in the LC Bates show in Hinckley, ME. She graduated from UNH with a degree in English, and was a graphic artist for many years. Debbie has taught watercolor classes, print making to the developmentally delayed, and co-facilitated a print making/book making class for grades 2-5. She currently works at Mercy Hospital in Patient Registration. When she isn’t reading, knitting or weaving, she is outdoors in her garden or tending her friendships.