Robin McCarthy

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Artist Statement

My purpose in painting, printmaking or collage, is to make order out of chaos. I want to simplify an image as clearly and directly as I can, getting at the essence of that image by using color and shape. I make art that's important to me, that I want to explore and see. I respond strongly to what I'm working on; there must be an image, thought or feeling worth manifesting, elucidating or unveiling. My work is complete when nothing can be added to it or subtracted from it.

The process of making art is magical and spiritual and totally absorbing to me. I'm grateful for all of it, even the struggles and challenges, because it all helps me to understand and express myself more clearly.

Brief Bio

Robin McCarthy is an artist who has lived in the Portland area for the last 44 years. She has been a social worker, devoted to children and their families, a wife and mother, devoted to our children and our family, and a grand-mother, devoted to those children and their family. Robin can be found making art in her studio most days.

Robin graduated from MECA (then called The Portland School of Art) in 1987 with a degree in painting. Since then, she has made collage her central interest. She has an old letter press and beautiful old wood type which she uses extensively for collage in various shapes, forms and combinations. Robin also loves to work with old books, which she takes apart and then uses for collage. She often uses found objects from the city streets in her work.

Basically, Robin will collage most anything to and with most anything! Her art work has been shown in many venues around Portland and Maine.