Andrew Jaspersohn

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Artist Statement

I have been influenced by nature, growing up in the mountains of Vermont and the oceans of Maine, but have always been fascinated by the architecture of cities and dense urban areas. I am constantly intrigued by the symbols and designs of other cultures and how use of color and light transform a place or image.

I am still finding my place in the grand history of my two mediums. The artists who are my contemporaries and those who came before me strengthen our tradition and our craft. Like them, I add to this tradition because I have something to say about where I am and what see. I have a voice that has been influenced by artists living and gone, the everyday and the sublime. I am honored by the opportunity to share my work, what I see, and my voice.

Brief Bio

Andrew Jaspersohn is been a life long artist who studied printmaking and sculpture at Colby College in Waterville, ME. After college he was apprentice to Master Printer Sarah Amos at the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT where he assisted Amos in the day to day duties of the print shop and curated and editioned prints for artists from all over the world. He joined Peregrine Press in 2006, was its co-president in 2007.