Jessyca Broekman

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Artist Statement

That which was, but is no longer, still is.

The absence of that which is no longer present and the fugitive pieces left behind fascinates me. How the past and all that we experience, shape and inform who we; how what is absent never completely disappears, but is carried forward within us through the memories we hold and stories we tell. These are ideas that interest me. The physical process of printmaking, whereby you leave an imprint from one surface to another, and have residual ink to print again, has been a perfect means with which to explore these ideas.

Using monotype, etching and collograph techniques, I try to create images that hold a certain amount of tension between what exists on the surface and that which is implied, and lies just out of reach. I make plates by putting marks down and wiping them away until a moment of surrender when I arrive at some balance of mark and gesture, movement and stillness, and what is there begs to be transferred onto a piece of paper. What’s left on the plate after one print is pulled becomes the beginning of the next print - carrying forward ghosts of what was once there, now gone. Building up the surface of a plate, putting a piece of paper down over the inked plate, and seeing what happens at the other end always results in a moment of surprise and magic.

Brief Bio

Jessyca Broekman began studying printmaking with Antonio Frasconi at SUNY Purchase during high school, and earned her B.A. degree in art with a concentration in printmaking from Hamilton College in 1980. Without access to a press for the next 20+ years she focused on painting and making collages, until joining Peregrine Press in 2003.

Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. on both coasts, as well as in a recent solo show in Foligno, Italy. In Maine she has shown at the Portland Museum of Art, The Ogunquit Museum, Round Top Center for the Arts, The George Marshall Store Gallery, Greenhut Galleries, Lewis Gallery at the Portland Public Library, and the UNE Art Gallery among other venues. Awards include a New England Foundation for the Arts Individual Artist Grant for Works-on-Paper, and residencies at both Yaddo, and The Vermont Studio Center. Jessyca’s work is included in public and private collections in the United States, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan.